Ben’s Dry Ice Boston Private Bank and Kevin Gillis

Ben’s Dry Ice delivers, maintains and sells thousands of pounds of dry ice. They deliver to the whole bay area and supply numerous cannabis extract manufacturers, cancer cold cap patients, bio pharma, and make short notice 1/2 hr emergency power outage deliveries bay area wide 24hr/7day a week. A successful candidate will be expected to have a clean California class C drivers license able to drive a Ford Transit. The physical ability to schlep (carry) as much as 1000lb’s in fifty pound increments up four flights of stairs or more. Applicant is also expected to shovel and transfer approx. 2000lbs or more a day of pellet dry ice. The owner of  Ben’s (Kevin Gillis) is cutting his costs by eliminating the need for employees. Kevin does weekend, holiday and large one off deliveries when not at the other job at”Boston Private Bank” squeezing pennies. This is all so Kevin can afford to pay for his two daughters ivy league education and his high priced alcohol and around the world travel for weeks to months. Gillis always say’s that “Ben’s” is a fast growing company. A unicorn along side it’s peers in the dry ice industry. He will say that he spends everyday strategically marketing and cold calling in his capacity as the leader of “Ben’s Dry Ice”. He will insinuate that the new employee’s job at “Ben’s” will  be rising in responsibilities and pay along side Kevin. In a month or two the new guy will figure out his new boss Kevin is all B.S. and the only person who’s wallet is growing is Kevin’s. I’m sure the whole world will be beating a path to this very popular and sought after position delivering dry ice as one of Kevins minions. The position is temporary part time work only! Pay is by the hour and starts at $15.00 dollars an hour. Increases are given at the end of the second year of employment if a miracle happens. The applicant should expect less than thirty hours of work a week. No overtime or paid holidays. If interested in working at  “Ben’s” it’s better if you have a second or third job especially if you live in San Francisco or you live on the street or ten to a room as “Ben’s” does not pay a living wage. Contact Kevin Gillis  the self proclaimed “king of dry ice” or  the Business Loan Dept. at First Boston Bank San Mateo. 617-912-1926. Ben’s is also looking for qualified investors who see the fantastic potential for massive profit in the San Francisco dry ice industry.